Sketches & Ink has some of the industry’s best designers who created product sold at biggest department stores worldwide.

Whatever your business needs... We could create!



With our team, we could design and create an entire line of t-shirts for your brand. We'll give your company your own unique look with a storyboard that brings it all together.


custom cut & Sew

Stop using ready-made clothing and create unique one of a kind designs that sets you apart from others. It's your brand, take control of it! Create something special and original.



Once your product is made, let us shoot the product for you. Whether its for your social media, website or print ads, we'll make your brand shine. Let us capture the moment.

The Art of Silkscreening...


Silkscreening is the perfect way to build your brand. Let's face it, people wearing your t-shirts is pretty much a walking billboard. Let us help you create and print your t-shirt idea at an affordable price.



Stop Using Ready-Made Garments & Make Custom Apparel!


Give your business or brand it's own unique look with product that is actually yours. We'll help you design and build it all. Custom jackets, sweatshirts, backpacks, shorts... we'll handle it all!


Add More Bling To Your Brand!


Like I said... we design it all! We'll create any accessory you'd like to help enhance your brand... we'll get it made as well!


Add Some Strength To Your Marketing Game!


Put some life in your brand and get people to notice it! We could help you design eye catching business cards or marketing prints and also bring them to life in print. Chose prints in paper, wood or even metal, we'll get you taken care of.



Give Your Brand The Look It Deserves!


Let Sketches & Ink capture the essence that makes your brand YOUR BRAND. We'll take the photos and film the assets you need for your social media, online ads, websites, look books, magazine ads and commercials.