Be AHEAD of the game... not trailing behind!!!

Summer is just about here and things are already being shown for the upcoming Fall + Winter Holiday Season. It’s important that you ALWAYS plan ahead for your brand to make sure it… hate to say it but kept up with the Kardashians!

Ants are masters of overwintering, or waiting out the winter season. But beforehand, ants PREPARE their colony for the upcoming cold season NONSTOP. Throughout Spring, throughout Summer and throughout Fall… ants are at it making sure all of their ducks are in a row so come time winter… they’re good to go! Be an ant, keep busy as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks and prepare for the cold season ahead…. actually… strike that, keep busy and plan ahead for ALL upcoming seasons in general.

Everything changed since the internet. Notice it… stores closing because they couldn’t keep up with the mass online sales taking place. Stores had to learn how to adapt themselves to make sure they got rid of product faster which is why…. no joke… in July… you’re going to start seeing some Halloween displays already set up at stores. Late August/September, you’re going to see a Nightmare Before Christmas where there’s a blend of both Halloween goods on the shelves as well as Christmas stuff making their way in. The BIGGEST shopping season of the year begins then… Its all coming in earlier than ever before which is why I keep saying… PLAN AHEAD!!! Build your line, get your product in, market the crap out of yourselves and let your goods fly off the shelves! If you need help with design or getting product made CLICK HERE and we at Sketches and Ink Company will help out anyway we can.

In the meantime, here are some colors that you’re going to be seeing a lot of this Fall and Winter… DO WORK!


The Sketch is FINALLY Inked!

We thank you for visiting We created this site to be your one stop shop for all of your creative needs. One thing about us... we're here to make your life easier! With that being said... here's a gift... a little insight... LOTS OF WONDERFUL COLORS!!! But not just any colors... these are colors you'll be seeing a lot Spring / Summer 2018. Kinda makes you wanna grab a bag of Skittles huh?